How to prevent headlights from turning yellow?



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How to prevent headlights from turning yellow?

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The headlights of cars are made of polycarbonate plastic, which makes the headlamps more durable, but it can also cause potential danger — stacking oxidation. When the sun is on the large lamp, the pores of the polycarbonate plastic on the surface of the lamp are expanded, which accelerates the oxidation and yellowing of the headlights, and also makes the dirt and debris attached to the outer surface of the lamp. Below will teach you how to prevent the headlights turning yellow and ensure the clarity of headlights.

1, wipe the dirt, debris and debris on the surface of the headlamp with soft cloth.

2, use soap and water to clean the headlights every three months. This is to prevent dirt from accumulation and prevent the headlights from getting yellow.

3. After cleaning, polish the headlights, wipe the headlights with the synthetic polishing agent, and wax the headlights according to the procedures.

4, when you do not use the car, you must park it in the garage or in the shade. It will help reduce the ultraviolet radiation of the headlamps and lead to the oxidation of polycarbonate