Turn on the xenon lamp or LED lamp



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Turn on the xenon lamp or LED lamp

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In recent years, with the increasing demand for car lighting, car lighting modification is very common. The reason is that the owners want to improve the brightness of the headlights, especially the low light level, so that they can provide higher assurance for driving at night. The industry also pointed out that in order to save production costs, most of the vehicles in the factory configuration of the lights are basically the light bowl type halogen lamp or halogen single lens. These halogen lamps generally exist light yellow, not enough brightness, and do not concentrate, the small range of radiation and other reasons, completely unable to protect the safety of drivers at night driving. Therefore, for the sake of self safety and family rest, the upgrading of car lighting, especially the promotion of low light level, has become the urgent demand of the vast number of riders.

At present, the most common modification of headlights is xenon lamp and LED headlamp. But whether the xenon lamp is good or the LED light is good for the low light conversion? We all have seen each other. Today we will analyze it together.

Xenon lamp: high brightness, but prone to spotlight and glare, etc.

Xenon lamp should be the current modification of the market in the modified car light, color temperature and solar light similar, with more green and blue components, so the present blue and white light. This blue and white light can significantly improve the brightness of road signs and signboards, but it can easily cause drivers' glare and fatigue. Of course, the luminance efficiency of the xenon lamp is about three times higher than that of the halogen lamp. It has a higher energy density and light intensity. It has obvious effect on improving the definition of driving sight in the night and in the fog, thus making a safer driving condition, which is the reason why you choose to refit the xenon lamp.

However, some xenon lamps are often reformed, and there are often serious defects in the light of car lights, no correct light function and so on, and the brightness of the light light is not high, but the brightness of the light lamp is too high. The light produced by the light is very easy to make the driver feel the bright light, which may cause a blind spot of vision, which are all xenon. These are xenon. Attention should be paid to the modification of gas lamp.

LED car headlights: high brightness is not dazzling, the advantage of low light is obvious

In contrast, the recent hot LED headlights are more popular with consumers. LED automobile headlights have the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, high brightness, long life, small size, fast starting speed and high safety and stability. At present, only the luxury cars of BMW, Ford, Mercedes Benz, Audi and other famous brands will be equipped with LED car headlights.

Retrofit of light light: LED headlight PK xenon lamp

As far as luminance is concerned, the luminance of the xenon lamp is higher than that of the LED lamp, but in general, the night train is mainly near light, which is easy to affect the angle of view and accident when opening the long light, so the brightness of the light light does not need the brightness of the light light so high as to ensure that the color temperature is comfortable and not glaring, and will not be given to the light. The driver creates a visual blind spot, which is better than the xenon lamp, so the LED lamp is more suitable for the refit of the near light, and the ultra high brightness of the xenon lamp is more suitable for the light light.