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First, the company's quality commitment
1. the company promises that the brand will be converted to the headlight assembly for twelve months. It is from the date of user

installation, the warranty service card should be filled in when the installation is installed, and the completed warranty card will

be photographed to the aftersale mailbox of the company: 2836355063@qq.com
Two. After service clause
1. a warranty card may not be provided for a warranty period of no more than one year by the date of production; for more than

one year's warranty but failure to provide a warranty card for 15 months as free warranty on production date; failure to provide

a warranty card for more than 15 months according to the date of production, according to Fu Feiwei; the provision of an

effective warranty card at the start of the 8 period of loading. Calculate the warranty period of 12 months (the bar code on the

warranty card should be consistent with the assembly).

2. the company charges 400 yuan for the maintenance cost of the product due to improper usage or exceeding the warranty


3. freight returned to the factory is borne by the factory. When the goods are returned to the customer, the freight is borne by the customers, such as the areas of the Yangtze, Zhejiang and Shanghai express delivery.

4. the headlamp assembly with quality problems should fill in the attachment card and send it to the QQ mailbox before returning

to the factory. After receiving the data card, our company will contact customers to understand the situation for the first time.

After the communication between the two sides is no problem, we will return to the factory for sale.

Factory address: No. 59 after-sales service of Xiaohe Kowloon Development Industrial Park, Meng he Town, Xinbei District,

Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province: 0519-85088518 logistics merchandiser: 0519- 85088508

Three. Statement
1. the right to make, amend and interpret the Ordinance shall be owned by the Changzhou Shi Zi car industry Co., Ltd.; 2.,

the regulations shall be implemented from the date of promulgation.